How to choose an Interior Design Firm in Singapore?

How to choose an Interior Design Firm in Singapore?

Interior Design Firm

Choosing the right Interior Design Firm is the first step to your success!


Reasons for hiring an interior design firm are relatively straightforward. Daunting as some aspects seem at first, the process is familiar. Design is a service like any other. It may help to keep these issues in mind as you select a firm to work with.

Where to start. Finding a resource of information like Office Renovation Singapore is a good place to start. You want to be aware of the design firm’s style and qualifications.

Talk to colleagues, visit facilities and look through industry publications to get an idea of what is available and who is doing what in your field. Successful experience is the best recommendation.

References. From the perspective of a client, they are very conscious of the size of the projects the firm has worked on and how responsive the firm have been to their needs.

Thoroughly checking all of a potential design firm’s credentials and project history is essential. Look at the firm’s effectiveness in solving problems. Each client has personalized problems, so look for how specialized solutions are. The prudent client looks for relevant experience. This is as much a question for the firm as a whole as for the individuals with whom you will finally work.

Look at the firm’s record on timeliness and costs. Was the project finished on time? Did it come in under or within budget guidelines? Don’t hesitate to contact a firm’s past clients to get first hand feedback.

To be competitive, firms might lower the price to where they can’t afford to provide principal time… one of the criteria I would look at is who I am going to be dealing with.

Find out information on the principal assigned to you project. You will also want to know the educational background and professional affiliations of your proposed designers. We are concerned with the experience level of the designers.

Costs. There is nothing magic about billing. But very often in this economy, clients pick the firm with the lowest figure without assessing what is actually being bought.

Design firms will lower the price to get an account. But while cost is an issue, don’t bargain your way out of a quality installation. Ideally, you initial selection should be based on the qualifications of the design firm.

Taking aspects such as service and the actual design into consideration as you assess costs really pays off in the long run.

The design firm should provide you with time spent on programming, schematics, drawings and construction at the beginning of the project.

The importance of determining a project’s true costs. The client should address whether or not the design firm is dollar effective; the client should be getting the highest quality space possible.

Chemistry. The most successful designs arise from successful relationships. We don’t want to have to hire a different firm for every project. The designer knows the building and becomes very attuned to our corporate culture.

Working with a design firm can mean looking in a mirror and finding faults you may not have anticipated. While the firm will help you develop the correct solutions to these problems, you will want communication to be open from the start it is wise to meet with your project team in advance.

It is ultimately a matter of chemistry. Assuming that you have selected from a list of qualified firms, you will want to select a firm where you respect and enjoy the people with whom you will be working. You don’t need to be married to just one design firm, but be committed to the design firm you do hire. So, choose your interior design firm carefully.


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