Office Reinstatement

Office Reinstatement Singapore

Are you finding it a hassle to reinstate an office after the lease period had ended?


Well, you are not alone. We are here to help you, and provide for your needs.

We do understand that in most of your signed tenancy agreement, the lessor would require that you reinstate the premises to its original condition. These premises would include commercial, retail or office space. You may wonder on what exactly is a reinstatement. Well, this would include removal of partition, electrical wiring, false ceiling, cabinets, raised floor, carpets etc, painting to the original color and etc.

When you decide to engage us, you can be rest assured that the premises will be restated back at its tip-top quality. With our professional expertise and years of experience, I would say that it will be as good as a brand new commercial, retail or office space.


It’s time to say goodbye and bid farewell to your old premise and you are moving to your new location. This place would be filled with nostalgic memories. Be it a overall pleasant or an unpleasant journey, it would have made an impression and you would never forget this place. We congratulate you on your future success. 


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