Sustainability and Role of Interior Designers in Singapore

Singapore Interior Designers

Both for reasons of self-interest and a moral obligation to other species, we need to address these issues. We must act to safeguard our own survival and sanity by ensuring that humans always have access to food, energy, clean water and the natural world. In parallel, we arguably have a duty to protect ecosystems and other species, since we have caused the problems, and we alone have the intelligence, communication skills and knowledge to solve them.

The key to solving these problems is sustainability, or meeting today’s needs without compromising those of the future. In the construction industry, this needs to be brought about through sustainable design, which applies this principle to all design decisions.

Given the construction industry’s huge impact on the environment, designers can easily make a positive difference to environmental problems through their design choices, and indeed they have a responsibility to do this. Interior designers in particular can help, as they often work on renovation and residential projects, carefully select materials and finishes, and frequently choose lighting and appliances. Most interior designers are failing to embrace sustainable design, so progressive interior designers must take action to catch up with designers with construction industry. In time to come, around 50% of firms in the industry expect to be largely dedicated to sustainable building, so interior designers should be wary of getting left behind.

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